March Madness 2015 Tips Off!

The 2015 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament tips off on Thursday, March 19, 2015, 9:15am PT with Midwest Region #3 Notre Dame v #14 Northeastern. Our South Region #8 San Diego State Aztecs start their quest for the title versus #9 St. Johns at 6:40pm PT on Friday, March 20.


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HUGE SDSU Aztecs Home Game Saturday Versus Boise St For Mountain West Lead

Who would have thought that this weekend’s game between our San Diego State University Men’s Basketball Aztec’s and the Boise State Bronco’s would have been so big when this crazy season started…BUT IT’S NOW HUGE! The Mountain West Conference lead will be decided with this game, the eventual champion may well be this game’s winner, and I would have never thought that Boise, with their pre-season ranking of #5 in the MW, would be here. Here’s some of the pre-game hype so far…

Boise State v. Aztecs With Mountain West Lead In The Balance


Mountain West bracketology update: San Diego State appears to be the only lock for the NCAA Tournament – Our Aztecs are looking at 7 or 8 seed in a 16 team NCAA Regional bracket, but winning out the season could improve that a few rungs and keep us away from a big 2nd round team like Kansas or North Carolina…but a Cincinnati rematch might be in the works too!

Mountain West Basketball: Is San Diego State vs. Boise State the biggest conference game of the year? Back in the Polls, Polee is back, back in Viejas, and MW and NCAA tournament seedings in the balance all make for a great game. And did we mention revenge for the 61-46 loss at Boise in Feb?

Polee diagnosed with cardiac arrhythmia: All the details on Dwayne’s conditions, considerations, and return. POOOOOOO-LEEEEEEEE. POLEE. POLEE. POLEE.

Looking For A Roadmap or Maturity Model For Public Media Digital Ad Serving

Just completed  Positioning Against Ad Networks, the last of three training sessions for Ad Representatives in Greater Public’s Digital Leapfrog series. While pretty basic, it has been a real eye-opener about the benefits of digital advertising that a public media outlet can offer as opposed to utilizing popular programmatic ad networks. I’ve learned a lot!

One thing that I mentioned in my comments back to Greater Public, is that it would be really good to see a capability road-map or maturity model that could be applied to an enterprise like San Diego’s Jazz 88.3 that is considering upping it’s game to greater leverage the great digital assets that exist there, like a fantastic audience, world-class playlist, comprehensive jazz and blues calendar, and more. Lots of possibilities!

Greater Public - Digital Leapfrog

UPDATE: The GP site has the start to a roadmap or checklist in their instructions on how to utilize some of the training material, although we may need to back up a bit further and find out how we get the ad inventory infrastructure in place to make digital ad products available in the first place 😉  Anyway, here’s some things to do:

  • Conduct a thorough review of the digital ad products available at your station, including ads on the station’s website(s), smartphone site(s), mobile app(s), newsletters, audio streaming, podcasts, on-demand audio and videos.
  • Determine inventory forecasts for each ad product
  • Update marketing materials to reflect current offerings and prices
  • Ensure a calendar system for bookings are in place
  • Identify a process for submitting ads for trafficking
  • Identify any limitations in how ads can be trafficked

What I Do At San Diego’s Jazz 88.3 – As It Supports Digital Marketing Technology Strategy

I’m filling out a new resume form for a Digital Marketing Technology Specialist and was asked for a Job Description and Job Duties / Accomplishments as it relates my work at San Diego’s Jazz 88.3. I thought it might do me good to put it out here and see if I might get any feedback on it.

Job Description

As Social Media Marketing Manager, I work with station underwriting, promotions, programming, and website management to develop and execute social media marketing plans designed to fulfill the station’s mission to present, promote, and preserve the important art form of Jazz.

As On-Air and Event Host, I program and deliver regularly scheduled shows featuring pre-recorded and live Jazz music, interviews, and news and augment these shows with digital media to promote these shows.

Job Duties / Accomplishments

As Social Media Marketing Manager: Digital Marketing and Social Media Strategy and Research in the Public Radio and Entertainment industries, develop and maintain social media publishing schedules integrated with schedules for other marketing and related campaigns and initiatives, develop campaign content, analyze results using a variety of analytics platforms, engage social media users on a variety of platforms and channels, and recommend and implement related and integrated technology supporting marketing, communications, and customer service. On the Jazz 88.3 Blog, I have increased page views and unique visitors, while on our social media channels, we have steadily increased engagement and click thru rate.

As On-Air and Live Event Host, research the latest in New Jazz Music and the entertainers and industry innovators making it, contact, schedule, and conduct Live and Pre-recorded interviews, schedule and execute programs in both live and pre-recorded settings, and produce web and social media content related to these shows to both promote and preserve these events.

Create a solar system of owned media

Businesses can’t go wrong investing in their website, which in the digital marketing world would fit into the “owned media” category…you own the platform, the content, the whole she-bang. It’s really good to know what the other media options are and here’s a great table from a 2009 Forrester post Defining Earned, Owned And Paid Media | Forrester Blogs.

Forrester Defines Online Media Types - Owned, Paid, Earned

It’s also interesting that Twitter is put into this Owned Media category since it’s their platform, but it’s logical in that all of your followers see all of your content, as opposed to Facebook algorithm controlling what comes up in your timeline. Good point.

My Objective

My objective is help people succeed in the use of new and emerging Digital Marketing techniques, such as Inbound Marketing, and technologies, such as Social Media Management suites, Analytics and Big Data, to achieve their enterprise and functional goals and objectives. I will leverage my deep and broad experience of 30 years engaging customers in development of goals and objectives, the successful application of people, process, and technology over these 30 years, and a passionate desire to learn what’s next to achieve this.

Just Noticed My Name In My Google Chrome Window

I just noticed that my name showed up at the top of the Google Chrome (Windows 8 Desktop) browser window. I knew about the ability to sign-in to Google Chrome and do like the fact that I can see history of browsing on any device I’m using (and signed-in to) Chrome on. I just hadn’t seen this up here before


More on Signing-In with Google Chrome

Some Good Stats In A Bulldog Fight Win v AztecsMBB

My buddy Eric had recorded tonight’s SDSU Aztecs Mens Basketball game v Fresno St. Bulldogs…or thought he had…but let me know something messed up and he only saw the last 30 seconds…when the uphill climb for the Aztecs fell short. Here was my response…along with the not-so-despair-inducing team stats screen shot that give me some hope…
I was going to suggest FastForward to 15 left in game…really ugly before then. I’m actually thinking that this pretty young team is getting some REAL testing and will get much better toward the end…they just ain’t there now. Look at the stats and they did well…other than youthful mistakes getting stolen from and turning it over…and Fresno played great D. I’m disappointed but calmer then usual 🙂