Just Noticed My Name In My Google Chrome Window

I just noticed that my name showed up at the top of the Google Chrome (Windows 8 Desktop) browser window. I knew about the ability to sign-in to Google Chrome and do like the fact that I can see history of browsing on any device I’m using (and signed-in to) Chrome on. I just hadn’t seen this up here before


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Some Good Stats In A Bulldog Fight Win v AztecsMBB

My buddy Eric had recorded tonight’s SDSU Aztecs Mens Basketball game v Fresno St. Bulldogs…or thought he had…but let me know something messed up and he only saw the last 30 seconds…when the uphill climb for the Aztecs fell short. Here was my response…along with the not-so-despair-inducing team stats screen shot that give me some hope…
I was going to suggest FastForward to 15 left in game…really ugly before then. I’m actually thinking that this pretty young team is getting some REAL testing and will get much better toward the end…they just ain’t there now. Look at the stats and they did well…other than youthful mistakes getting stolen from and turning it over…and Fresno played great D. I’m disappointed but calmer then usual :)